Writer’s block: Kryptonite for writers

How many of us have experienced writer’s block? I have told people that I have not had this issue. But that is not how I should word it. What I do when I get stuck is work on another project. Another WIP that I can spend time on until I am ready for the one that slowed me down.

I work on multiple writings at any given time to keep my mind on point with the different genres, characters, plots, and more.

It keeps me writing, regardless of what, and moving forward.

I have heard from many writers who need time to walk away, some putting their projects down and simply walking away.

Getting stuck is not fun. Not knowing how to continue, how to improve, and how to get over the hump varies. What works for some does not for others. People who hear I write on more than one project will wonder how I do it. Or better yet, why I do it. But it comes in part when I need a break from another project or when I am stuck.

One thing that has worked is when I am so horribly stuck and not motivated to work on another project. I will write something, anything to keep writing. It could include a blog post, a tweet, working on editing, or hanging around other like-minded people. Things will keep me in the frame of mine of writing until I am ready to work on my current WIP.

Block from writing is not fun. It can plague and discourage us. But when it happens, write on something, anything to keep your creative mind going forward until your brain one day is ready to get back to your project.

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