How important is the dialogue in your book to you?


Is the dialogue in your manuscript important to you? Do you spend serious time developing this aspect of your work?

Each genre and age group will vary as well as location and time frame in each book. You will have different dialects, slang, and usage of words.

But do you pay attention to that? More importantly, do you expect your readers to notice? To notice and not be concern about it? Or rather, put your book down?

Dialogue is important. It moves your story from section to section. If you don’t give it the time it deserves, your book may go nowhere with your readers.

There are countless amount of books and webinars on this topic alone for a reason.

If you are writing for children, you have to write the dialogue that they will understand, not be over their head or below. Just because they are children doesn’t mean one should not work on it.

There are so many moving parts to a book. Each works together to advance the plot from beginning to end. They all have to work well together, and this includes dialogue.

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