Do you charge what you are worth?

Do you sell your wares? What are they worth? The products could be anything from knitted outfits to beautiful paintings.

But how about your services?

When I became a development editor, I set in my mind what I thought I should charge for it. I didn’t want to put a number so out of reach that it would scare potential clients away. Also, you don’t want to be charging the bottom of the barrel.

Yet, that is what people want you to do. But in that comes a catch 22.

People want the best bargain. But then they question the validity of your service. It is said that the best of the best costs more. Bargain deals are for the lukewarm items.

So, if I charge a lot, I might not get clients. If I price my ware too low, people are hesitant. Even more frustrating is when people want you to do it for free.

As I started getting clients, the first few were a learning curve. The first person I charged in food. Yes, you heard me. I would meet the client at a coffee shop, and she would feed me. The experience and her testimony to build on was the goal.

Another new client gave me a flat fee for what he was willing to pay. Considering the length of his book that made my hourly wage below minimum wage. But I was building a clientele, so I did it to get the experience and another testimony.

I, for years, would reach out to my fellow authors in our area, wanting to help them. No one took me up on my offer. By the time they finally did, and we are talking years later, I was now charging much to their surprise. I didn’t budge. Taking the time and effort to build a person’s social platform, work on their website, or doing development work on their stories is high. It is time I am taking away from my platform, site, and own writings, not to mention family.

Attending a class at a writer’s conference that was on knowing your worth was eye-opening. For all of us to start charging for my wares and services. I should not let people barter me down for their own sake and against mine.

I now challenge anyone who wants to hire me, and are not liking the cost, to try to find someone, anyone, who will do it at a lower price. They won’t. I’ve checked.

I am sticking to my guns. Everyone ought to when it comes to their services. We put a lot of work into what we do. As authors, you should not expect me to lower my standards for you. Would you do that for me?

The only difference is I would not ask you to do this for me for free.

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