Celebrate the wins your brand earns: From the big, the little and all inbetween


I found this hidden on my file cabinet. I say on since it is in a frame with a magnetic strip on the back.

It was covered with other papers. I only found it by accident as I closed one of my drawers to the file cabinet a bit to hard and it fell.

This is the first dollar I have made as a writer a few years ago. I still have fond memories when I framed it.

I hope everyone who has a business does so as a reminder of what they are trying to achieve.

Writing can be and for the most part a solitary profession. Anything that can lighten the mood, motivate us or just put a smile on our face is worth it to be around our desk.

If you have won any award save those as well. Heck, frame them to. The times I have been on the Amazon Top 100 Best Sellers list for audio and Kindle I have taken screen shots of the sites. When I received two Readers’ Favorite award I did that as well.

You, as writers, are on a journey with your book and brand. One can easily get discourage and sadly stop once and for all. If you note the bench marks of your book with the good things that happen to it savor that. Make a point to save it in some format.

It is so easy to give up in this field. It really is. Reminding yourself of your victories, big or little, could be a good way to keep you going.

2 thoughts on “Celebrate the wins your brand earns: From the big, the little and all inbetween”

  1. Thank you for this reminder. It’s very encouraging. And yes, it’s so easy to lose hope in this industry. The work is hard, at times grueling. Having our successes in front of us can help.

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