Happy Thanksgiving



This week we celebrate our history of the pilgrims coming to the New World for a better life. I was fortunate to read the book “ They Came For Freedom: The Forgotten, Epic Adventure Of The Pilgrims” by Jay Milbrandt. It tells us the, if you will, the behind the scene of what they had to do to accomplish that feat in Europe and here in America. It literally blew my mind at that history which so many of us do not know about. They went through so much to exercise their right to follow their faith.

A lot of us during this time of year will visit family and friends, enjoy an amazing meal with awesome leftovers, watch football and have days off to sit back and relax. Others will do all that plus visit the stores for the sales. And I wonder if people knew a bit more of what went on would they be more appreciate now.

But I want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving wherever you are whether you are traveling or staying home, if you have to work , whether you will be able to spend time with family or with friends.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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