Finding content for your social platform


Social-DraftWhere do you find content to talk about for your blog and or social media platform? For some people it’s no problem as they talk about their business and the different aspects of it regardless of what their chosen field is.

To others they may pause in front of their computer looking at the sky hoping something will fall that they can use. As writers do we solely talk about the business and our books or do we do a few articles on things that shows our readers who we are or even more so do we do a balance of both?

personally for me I try to do a bit of both so an overview can be seen. Does that effect me opposite of what I am trying to accomplish I do not know. When I am looking at other author’s pages and I read their content that is useful I appreciate it. When I learn a bit about them I appreciate it more.

Finding content can be difficult if one blogs or post on their platform frequently causing the need to find content on a regular basis. At one point I started making a list of things to talk about so that way I would have topics to look over when the time came. That has helped me. Also reading other people’s blogs can give you ideas of what might work or not work for yourself.

Content. A topic that can deter people from branding themselves, and if one can’t over come that who knows what we might be missing from that person who can make a difference in their lives as well as our own.

7 thoughts on “Finding content for your social platform”

  1. I used to do this one a daily basis or every few days because there is always someone out there needing extra/free help with publicity. If you find something interesting, make contact with the person and offer a free posting on your blog. Your page will pick up a lot of interest with the more you post. I have a Promotions and Book Review Page listed on my blog. Always getting requests.

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