Word of mouth: Magazine interview


Word of mouth can be good and bad for a person and a business. But recently it was good, really good, for my business. A women’s magazine in town is having an article on women writers in the area. The reporter contacted the library and ipso facto I received word with the reporter’s name, email and phone number to contact her to be interviewed, in case I was interested. As if I was going to say no, right?

Calling Stephanie up I mentioned what I had been told. After a few minutes she recalled who I was. Asking if this was a good time, it was, we began. She asked how long I had been writing, what did I write about, how did I get started and how did it feel like to have a book published. Her reaction to the last answer was great as she laughed and was excited for me.

She was great. The interview went well and was awesome. It comes out the first week of May. I’m excited to read the article. I already know I need ten copies for people who requested one. Sweet.

Another step forward in my writing adventures.

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