The year 2014


The year 2014 is winding down. Next week is Christmas after which is New Year. Just press the button and we do it all over again in 2015.

It has been tough where my health is concerned. However it has been a good year writing wise for me. I’ve been to two free conferences. I was fortunate to be invited to a writer’s retreat in South Carolina. I attended two writer’s meet and greet. One as a group for The Wonder Chicks, a writing group I started, as we started talking about our book Dragons in the Attic. The other was for myself as an author.

I wrapped up the final paper work for the literary art grant I won for 2014 and thankfully to that I was able to purchase a smart pen which for anyone who writes longhand or has health issues that makes typing a problem, this gadget rocks.

I also was hired as a freelance writer and photographer for a local upcoming magazine. That brought me more into the community which allowed me to meet amazing people who are making a difference in my area.

And last but not least my second book was picked up by a publisher. So it has been interesting. And it has topped 2013 which I didn’t think was possible but YAY.

I will see you all in January. I hope you have a Merry Christmas, a great New Year and that it is full of joy, happiness and good health. Much well wishes to you all.

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