I’m back



I am back from my trip to Maine. The days flew by, as they always do. But now I am back to step into the craziness that is my world. It is taking longer to get caught up this year. This is due to some health issues I am having. It has slowed me down but not stopped me completely. I just have to pace myself.

Two days after I stepped off the plan I had a doctor appointment and also an author’s showcase at a local library. I was off running. These are some of the items that need my attention now. I have two publishers that are interested in volume two of my children’s series. Also I need to round-up two interviews for the magazine I now work for. There are a bunch of books I need to read and review and after going through my email, I see there are requests for more. Squirrel Mafia will be released this month if all goes well so now I have to go over the final edits and let my editor know. The list is long of things I need to do. Isn’t it always the way it is? You cross off one or two items and add three or four which makes a never-ending cycle.

Luckily my house was still standing as my two guys did a good job of keeping it in shape. That helped sooooo much. Now I need to educate them on how to clean five bird cages.

I’m back. I’m ready. I hope that is.


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