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I started a writing group in my area. We have dubbed ourselves The Wonder Chicks. In December of last year we released an anthology of short stories. It was a lot of hard work and time getting this book together. I’m amaze we are all still friends after this experiences for it did try us and each other. Last week, on March 12th, we made the Amazon Best Sellers list in three categories.

Amazon Best Sellers Rank:

#9 in Books > Literature & Fiction > Anthologies & Literary Collections > General
#12 in Books > Literature & Fiction > Anthologies & Literary Collections > Short Stories #33 in Books > Literature & Fiction > Short Stories

But as quickly as we rose, we fell. Needless to say we are very proud of ourselves. I will be printing out the picture of the screen save and framing it as it is a new feather in my hat. Where the book will take us as individuals remains to be seen. It was a fun process overall and now we can just move on to the next project.

The book can be found here:

Amazon US :

Amazon UK:

7 thoughts on “Amazon Best Selling Authors”

    1. Duh. I totally didn’t think to even include those. Go me. LOL.

      Thanks! Especially since I am out of the house all morning, already at my PT appointment, and can’t fix it now.

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