I been fortunate to have been interviewed a few times online. At first it was scary for I wanted to get it just right and showcase myself decently. Now it is getting just fun to do. Especially when the interviewer gives me questions that I need to step back and think on. I love those times. One thing I make sure I don’t forget is to send it to my editor. I want it as polished as possible. The lovely interviewer created the picture above for the occasion for the interview I just did. It’s at 

Every bit helps, regardless of the size of the site that is doing the interview. I had one person apologize for that. They were told there was no need. If I just reach a new person then it is worth it. You never know what that one person can lead to.

I have two on my plate, two set of questions that need my attention that I will be working on soon. A few more places for my book to shine. So I say thanks to the people who have asked me. Jasper and I get to fly and soar with each question that is asked. We thank you and we thank you.

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