Panic: A Writer’s Snag


I been staying busy with revising the sequel to my Jasper series while writing the third one. All my writings are handwritten first then typed. I find the creativity flows better for me this way. However a small snag came into play a few days ago. I could not find the sheets that I had written the first two chapters on. If you were within hearing distance of me you would have heard me say a few things.

“Where did I put those sheets”

“Oh good gosh I lost the first two chapters”

“Come on Sharon, calm down it didn’t walk off on its own”

“Shit did I throw it away by accident”

“Oh my gosh there you are, how dare you hide from me!”

It took me a few days to find the chapters to Jasper 3 and with them being written by hand it was my only copy. Just glad they have been found. In such a short amount of time I was trying to remember what I had written down. It was not fun at all, for I had figured out the chaos that was going to be written in book three.


The people who would understand what happened are other writers, who else would?

4 thoughts on “Panic: A Writer’s Snag”

  1. Glad I’m not the only one. I did that when I forgot I didn’t hand write the first two chapters of the Lightwalker, but typed it. It took me a few hours to figure out I was an idiot. lol Glad you found them. 🙂

    1. Thanks so am I. Let me tell you a story, for I can laugh at it now. Last year I went to check up on my mom while my editor was finalizing my Jasper book. When I got back she said there is a loop hole. I thought to myself, loophole, no not me. I mean she’s wrong right? LOL

      I go down the manuscript to see where she marked it. I thought ah ha I know I fixed this I know it. I started at the top. I read down chapter 1 chapter 2 chapter 4 chapter 5… wait a minute!

      That’s right chapter 3 was gone. I panicked, she tried to calm me down. I still panicked. My husband said in the early Sunday morning check your laptop. I thought no I didn’t use it for the book. I spent all day worrying, tearing up, fussing you name it. Around 4-5pm I sat down on the couch and resigned the fact I was going to have to rewrite it. Opened up my laptop and chapter 3 was staring at me waving. It was the ONLY chapter of my book on the laptop.

      What the heck??!!!

      Sheesh that was a rough day. Go us/

      1. Oh yeah. I love using a computer to write, but it has so may hidden traps you think you’re too smart to fall into. My favorite is reordering my chapters and not noticing it until I’m starting the editing process. Gotta love those stupid pills, we’d never feel better about ourselves without it. 🙂

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