I Wrote Stephen King



I wrote Stephen King today. I wanted to thank him for what he did for my small town in Northern Maine. For those who didn’t read my post on it, Mr. King donated 50k to my town to open up their own library. That was instrumental in getting it off the ground. . Also many libraries have received funding from him from what I am reading. After sharing this news with a few people it turns out Mr. King also donates money for people to pay for heating oil in the winter. If anyone is familiar with the coldness of Maine you understand why this is a touching gesture

Everyone in Maine knows how to reach Mr. King. His address is simple and direct in Bangor. But I wanted to make sure he got it. So finding his publisher I wrote a letter. But typing it up did not seem sincere so I went out and got some pretty stationary. I had to do this right. I wanted him to know how much it meant to me and my small town. Whether he writes me back or not is not the point of the letter. Though if he did it be AWESOME! But I wanted him to know the donation was received gratefully not just by the people involved in getting the library off the ground but from someone who was raised in this town and still calls it home.

I guess I talk about King a lot for a friend of mine has dubbed me Mrs. King and that amuses me. It is nice to have a local boy do so well and give so much back. We are proud of him.  While I’m not able to donate 50k to the library what I will do is give a copy of my book once it comes out in August. It will be my small way of helping out.


My town now has a library. It may only be one room now but this is only the beginning.



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