Illustrator and Jasper


A few days after I got back my illustrator contacted me. The photos I had mailed prior to leaving for Maine came out okay, well some of them. So I was determined to take some more. I wanted the best possible pictures of Jasper to be showcased for the artwork she is doing for my book.


Jasper has not met a camera of mine he doesn’t like. What ensued was over 100 pictures being taken as he struck the pose, you know vogue like and all. I had two small problems. I had to reset some settings on my camera, thanks hubby. Plus Jasper had to stop moving so much as he kept trying to come up with new positions for me to take pictures off.

Thankfully the latest set was good for Kim is now hard at work on my book cover. This is soooo exciting for me. I am anxious to see what she comes up with. The fact that she is working hard with me speaks volumes. Jasper, Amazon Parrot will be coming to life soon.

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