Editor:Why I Need One

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I know there are tons and tons of links about why authors need to get an editor. Today’s post is why I need one. I am fortunate to have an amazing woman as my editor. She works tirelessly fixing my bunch of words to where they sparkle.  I will be perfectly honest. I am not a fan of commas. I don’t know where to put them with accuracy. I wrote once on my FB something along the line to how I was sure glad as punch that she knew where they went for I sure as hell did not. I don’t. Something so simple but if you do it wrong it will completely mess up a paragraph, page and eventually a chapter if you make enough mistakes.

I am not always sure when to make a chapter break. I get these right a good portion of the time but not always. Nancy will swoop in and leave in the margins where one should be and I am grateful for that.  There has been times I have not made any chapters at all. A great example of this was NaNoWriMo 2012 where I have 60k plus works but no chapters. I did separate them so it did not look like a hot mess. The sad part is I am still adding to this story I fear what it will look like when I am finally done and have to hand it over to her. I will do my best to separate it where it should be. I had gotten so wrapped up in this story, I wrote the required 50k words in two weeks.  I just wrote and wrote not caring about editing but about the words.

Nancy has spoiled me plan and simple. She lets me be an author without worrying about edits as I am writing down the latest story or MS. Knowing that about her I can be free and just work on my craft. I know a lot of editors heck majority of editors would probably kick me to the curb and say I need to find someone else. At which point I would have to man up and do a better job.

She has polished my query letter and my MS so well that publishing houses even in the rejection letters are saying how polish my work is in content, yeah me, and in edit which is yeah Nancy.  We make a good team. She allows me to write without worry about what I am going to do after. I am so grateful for her. I hope my fellow writers have a great person in their corner. It truly makes a huge difference in where I started to where I am at now.

4 thoughts on “Editor:Why I Need One”

  1. I totally agree. I have lately tried out a couple of editors and I would like to try one more before i settle. It definitely makes a difference to have a good editor in your corner where you can focus more attention on your work. Good post, my friend. 😀

  2. Means a lot to hear you say so, Sharon.

    I’m honored to be your editor, to be a part of this amazing journey you’re undertaking. It’s great working with you, and watching your stories take form from start to finish. It’s awesome to be able to help you get your work right where it needs to be, be it via comma placements, punctuation, and the like.

    It absolutely tickles me pink to know that the publishing houses have liked your stories, and the work I’ve done on them for you. Whatever you need, I’m there.

    @ Tracy, if you ever need another editor, let me know. I’ll gladly work with you in whatever you need.

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