How many of you are fans of westerns? I am an avid lover of these shows. This ranges from Bonanza, Gunsmoke, The Big Valley to The Rifleman. Thanks to Tv Land my adoration is fulfilled with the old-time good shows from the early 50ties, 60ties and 70ties. The ones I favor are the black and white versions but will watch either or.


One thing that I especially love are the death scenes. A villain or hero will get shot down and yet has a chance to say a five-minute monologue to who ever is around him. That just gets me laughing in real life which is probably not good but it does.  The man gets to say good-by to his children, apologize to his wife and tell the person who shot him that he is forgiven. In actuality the kill shot should have gotten the poor man on contact.

The good guy versus the bad guy was always apparent. There was no mistaken who was who unlike in today’s world. But this is the beauty of the movies and people behind the scenes who direct and produce feature shows.  Things that normally is not possible in real life can be manipulated before our eyes. For the large part people are okay with this. Otherwise it would be life imitating life and humans have enough of that by just getting up.

So while life is going by my window, I will take time off now and then and turn on channel 47 and go back in time where reality was smeared a bit so people could sit back and enjoy the show. Even if that means having a few laughs at their expense.




2 thoughts on “Westerns”

  1. Love westerns! but then of course I have a thing for cowboys being that I was born in Texas and grew up in farm country, raised horses. The old ones are good but every once in a while you run into a “B” movie that’s really slow and boring or just plain lame.
    YEE HAW!!!

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