Stuck” by Lissette E. Manning

Every writer tries to get the right hook for their book or short stories. This author nailed it on the first page. Pages fly as you want to know what happens on the other side. Getting this important part of the puzzle in writing a novel is not easy.

The main character of the story is Annie who is experiencing a post apocalyptic world. Just like the one we read and hear about in books and movies. It starts off with Annie making her way out into the chaos, destruction and ruins of her area while trying to find food for her hungry children. While it is dangerous to be out in the open her kids are starving and will die if food is not found.

The story was a quick read but in it the author managed to give out imagery that we could imagine in our head rather vividly. We felt Annie’s pain, frustration heartache as it fell of the page.

Only one complaint, I wanted to read more about Annie and was not ready for it to end when it did. But in hindsight it did finish at the right spot of the story.

Well done.

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