Traffic Light

If I could be the only person on the road driving when I do my errands I would be a happy person. Granted I am not the best driver but every day people prove to me that I am definitely not the worse. One of my pet peeves about driving is people who are first in line at a red traffic light. I feel it is your duty to pay attention if you find yourself in this position.

There has been many times I have not been able to go through an intersection due to some moron in front of me who has failed to notice the light turn green. There are number of reasons I have noticed for this to happen. I have seen people rummage through their purse, texting on their phone, applying makeup, or getting that must last sip of coke that you got from the gas station because you just need to get a sip RIGHT NOW. What is more frustrating is when they do notice the light and it is on yellow and they proceed to make the turn or go straight leaving all the cars behind in the fumes of your vehicle. If you don’t have the good sense to pay attention then stop passing me on the road to where I have to slam my breaks so you can get to the next light first only to find it has turn red. To which this I do get inside glee and I will yell “Where did that get you $#&$&, you passed me for what, to get to a red light 3 seconds before me. How is that working for ya?”

But they do get me back for they will then fail to pay attention when it does turn green leaving us all fuming at yet another idiot on the road among us. Yeah road rage is alive and kicking in North Carolina and I am sure all over . If you see you are approaching a light that is red pay attention because sooner or later you will be behind someone just like you and it will be your turn to yell as they leave you in the dust.

Maybe I should start biking.

4 thoughts on “Traffic Light”

  1. Road rage doesn’t really get you anywhere. I’ve started pulling to the side if I see two or more cars behind me to let them by. Of course, I drive on two lane roads with only one or two traffic lights or stop signs more often than not. I also have to remind myself when I get impatient that I really don’t know what the other person is going through so I try to be patient.

    1. I definitely need to work on it a bit and have done so. I am finding when people need to be on my bumper I’m now switching lanes or pull over to the side. You made great points, but you usually do.:)

      1. Don’t be mistaken – I have lost it before while driving, but did it once late at night when I was commuting to school after work and almost got myself killed by a driver just as cranky and just as irritable as I was. That’s when I started to think about calming it down a bit.

      2. It is so crazy to be on the road. I tell my son to be careful and it is not just for him to drive safely but to watch out for others. I have gotten so angry while driving and I hate that. Your replies are a good reminder that I need to keep working on it, if nothing else I let them pass me now if I can not pull over and let them think what they want of me. You and I both have families to go home to.

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