Waffle House- Keep Your Hands To Yourself

In in the 90’ties my family and I lived in Virginia. There was a Waffle House that was on the same property as the apartments. My husband and I soon made ourselves known there and when we walked in, they knew our order.

The business had a jukebox and one of the songs I liked to play was “ Keep Your Hands To Yourself” by Georgia Satellites. I enjoyed the song so much I would put in a dollar worth of quarters to play the song on a loop when I ate there. Granted I knew this was not the best song in the world but I loved it. The staff however did not like my constant playing of this song and I am sure they groaned when they saw me walking toward them through the tinted windows.

I am not sure what draws us to certain songs that make us want to hear it all the time. I’m  especially not sure why this song gets me smiling and singing loudly but badly but it does.  My husband on the other hand kept telling me to not play it so often but I kept on. One day we walked to the Waffle House to get some food. Entering the store, my husband went to sit down at our regular place while I sashayed over to the jukebox with quarters in my hand. I knew the number that this song was attached to but when I heard the first song it was a different tune. Not being deterred I went from the first page to the last trying to find my song. I didn’t find it. I checked again and yet again and still did not find the song. Being confused I turned to look up at my husband and that is when I noticed the entire staff of the Waffle House looking at me with some evil grins on their faces as some giggled out loud. Apparently they had removed the song from the jukebox so I would not be able to play the song. My husband thought it was hilarious and sided with them. The record was never put back there as long as I was in this complex

However, when I hear this song I smile and sing along with the lyrics and it brings me good memories. For me that is a win.

8 thoughts on “Waffle House- Keep Your Hands To Yourself”

  1. Very cute story. I’m sure it was the fact that you played it so much. I’m sure my neighbors could share a story or two about me, I’m like that with certain songs and the problem is I sing them outloud…:)

  2. My husband and I love this song! When we gave Kayla her iPod, it was one of the first we loaded onto it for her. I’m not sure she entirely understands it, but she likes how silly Dad and I look when we sing with it while it’s playing.

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