Working at the car wash…………

Have you ever noticed that at a car wash,  they have young ladies in bikinis to entice us to have our cars washed by them? They will be holding the signs up high so we can see their full bodies. Do I really want to drive in and have my view from my driver seat be young breasts pressed against my window as they wash my car? Isn’t that just a tad sexist? I am in my 40’ties and while I am married, I am not dead.

If you really want to get me and other women like me into your car wash here is a thought. Get the boys from the track, football or baseball team to help out. Place them on the street corner with their shirts off waving a sign high proudly. Mingle these young and nicely built males along side the ladies and let us choose who we want to wash our vehicles. Trust me you will get more action that way. What is good for the gander is definitely good for the goose in this situation. Let’s play fair, after all the money is going to a good cause normally. Don’t you want to optimize the profits? So the next time you think of having a car wash, take a little time to ponder on your target audience. Include men and women and you will get a whole lot more action at the car wash.

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