Guest Blog: My turn

Today I will be guest blogging at a friend’s website. Her name is Carlyle Labuschagne  and she is awesome.

Check it out

The above guest blog has been moved to make room for others. So here is a copy.


I’m a member of 2 book clubs. The first I joined 2 years ago- it’s run out of a local library. The main reason for me joining was to become more social and meet people.

It meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 10:30am. The time was a selling point for me. The first time I went was a little scary for this group had been meeting for a little over 4 years. All of the members are over 50, while the majority are over 70. So I am not just new, I am also the baby.


The 2nd group is one I started for my women’s group about 18 months ago. At first the ladies would suggest books but now it is up to me. This is a win win for I get to place books that I want and need to read. Again I started this group to meet new people. The age is 45 years old and younger. We meet the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. I do take a break during the holidays in December but if I take to long I will get calls asking when we are starting up again.


By all appearances the only similarities between the two groups is that we are all avid readers. However, if you dove in you would find a lot more. We are all willing to read outside the box, outside our comfort zone, and just plain read and discuss a book. We don’t always stay on topic and we never leave without having a good laugh among ourselves. The morning group always has lunch afterwards while the evening crowd brings food to the meetings. Anyone walking by would see a collection of people enjoying a book and most importantly each other. A sense of serenity just seems to fill the room. It does not matter what age, race, gender, political background or where you are from, you are welcomed. A simple book can bring all of that together and bring people together from all walks of life in just one room. The troubles of our lives or the world for that matter is forgotten- even if it is just for a little while.


More people should entertain this kind of social activity. For when I leave both groups and head home, I will start chuckling at a joke that was said. I will note down a piece of advice that was mentioned. I will have an inner sense of peace that I want to enjoy for as long as possible. My week is normally hectic, like most anyone’s week, so I treasure these hours . I am grateful for my book clubs.


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