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Do writers compete with each other?

There are so many writing contests out there. All one has to do is search online or look inside one of the magazines for writing you might subscribe to or pick up to read. They come in every genre, word count and theme it seems possible.

However, do you make it a contest with other authors on who has the next book out? Who has the best cover? Who has the best story? We grow up, at least my generation, being told to compete, that winning is all that matters or being ahead or the best is where it is at.

But does this trickle down to writers? I think it does. I believe people try to best each other at every turn. Do we admit it to ourselves or others? No, we don’t. Instead I hear writers with t he remarks that clearly speaks volumes of how they are in essence ahead of so and so. You also hear how well they are doing in comparison to this or that writer. If you go to a seminar or class for writing just look around and pay attention to those around you.

It’s a shame really. There is space and room for all of us to showcase our work. Writing is already a solitary profession. Why make it even more so?