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I tell my son this is the job for him. Yes I know, most mothers would push their children to be doctors or lawyers. Just think about it. My weatherman has been predicting rain for 2 weeks- still no rain. I guess he figures if he keeps on predicting it he will be right one day. Right? One day my son and I were heading out to do an errand and it was raining. While waiting at a stop light, the weatherman’s voice came over the radio-his prediction was a day of sunshine. My son and I looked at each other and thought HUH? The commercial breaks came on and we just continued to wait for the light to turn green. Soon the weatherman came back over the airwaves and announced there was now rain in the forecast. We kid that he must have looked outside the window of his office and saw the rain. A good case of egg on face.

We expect them to be wrong. Or maybe we are not surprise when they are. My thought pattern is this- when I wake up and go outside is when I know what it will be like for the day. Granted the weathermen of the world get it right most of the time- don’t get me wrong. With so much technology out there for meteorologist , they have being right on their side. Still for the most part people don’t appear to be to surprise when they are wrong. Weather is not a 100 percent predictable science. With odds like that , why not go into this field? People are happy when you are right and not surprise when you are not. How many jobs can say that? So yes I kid my son he should become a weatherman. It seems from this standpoint a win win.