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Branding yourself does work: Finding a home for my short story


An opportunity came across my desk which just reminded me again why having an author’s platform is beneficial to writers.

A few months ago I was checking my sites out to make sure all were working like I wanted. I ran across a friend who was entering a submission for a publication. Checking it out further the person who was behind it all invited me to submit also. They were taking 1000 submissions but only one per author would be accepted though you could submit as many as you like. You had to write a flash fiction of 200-300 words. Now this is for an anthology published in Brazil with the release day being 2018.

There would have been a slim chance, a very slim chance, of me hearing about this on my own. But thankfully to my platform it fell into my lap. I only submitted one but I made the first cut! It would be really cool if my short story landed in this book especially one from another country. It would be a new way to make my brand shine with a new audience.

So even though I harp a lot to others about creating one’s brand this is just another example of why one should have one.