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Step Into a Slim Jim

Reading the labels on the foods you buy makes good sense. You want to be careful what goes in your body. I do this for the most part. Being a chemist by profession I can honestly pronounce the ingredients. Not only that, I can break down the words and get a good idea of what they mean and what I am putting in my mouth. For the most part it has worked for me well as a norm. Until we come to my Slim Jim. I love these long sticks of non nutritional value. I get all giddy when I purchase one, knowing already what it smells and taste like. It is simple ambrosia for me. I don’t want to know what is in it, I refuse to read the label. If I do there is a great chance I will stop eating it. I’m not take the chance. I love it way to much. This goes for other foods- the Twinkie, bologna, hot dogs. I am sure I can come up with more. So the chemist in me will have to take a step back and go into hiatus. I want to step into a Slim Jim darn it, and I will.