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Counting Sheep

The old classic to help a person sleep- counting sheep. It has worked for generations for many people, well except for me. When I try to count sheep one of the following will happen.

-The sheep will run up to the fence and stop on a dime, refusing to jump.

-The sheep will run to the fence and take a big leap. However halfway over they fall onto the fence.

-The sheep will be running up to the fence and instead of jumping will go around.

-I will see a variety of sheep-white,black, spotted. In my mind I will start separating them into groups.

My mind just over analyzes the situation. Instead of seeing white fluffy sheep jumping over a fence, I have chaos and mayhem. My brain gets so worked up the last thing I am doing is sleeping. Yelling at them in my mind apparently does not work either. How hard can it be? It is not rocket science. I am not sure why my brain goes into overload. Somewhere along the way I must have missed the memo on how to do this properly. Yet after all the failed attempts, I still continue to try. Until I get it right, the golf channel will have to do. The best way for me right now to fall asleep.