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Pet Peeves

We all have pet peeves. They can range anywhere from traffic to waiting in line. The following all occurred within a weeks time.

My peeves:

-Have you noticed how when you pay an establishment(especially a medical one) that your money is removed from your account before you leave the office?  However if they owe you money, it will take at least 2 weeks before you see it in your account. Case in point my family doctor made an error about 2 weeks ago and owes me $25.00, I have yet to see it returned.

-yield signs- I was always under the impression that meant you slowed down to make sure traffic is not coming right at you, but also they had the right of way. I am wrong. We have this one street where there is such a sign and I always slow down for some one will be barreling down as if the yield sign means GO FASTER  and they narrowly miss me.

-grocery lines- I am sure we have all experienced this at one point. You will see two lines, one is shorter so you hop on over from the line you are in. Don’t you know, the minute you do that, the line you just came from speeds up and you’re still waiting in the “shorter” line.

-doctor’s office who will schedule 5 patients at the same time slot-  It seems pointless to make an appointment some days for you are waiting just as long.

-Cell phones- Just because you’re on a cell phone does not mean you need to automatically talk louder, there is no need. The person can still hear you. Yet some how people who use cell phones in public will raise their voices.

-This has to be my favorite one. I was on hold with the phone company. I was talking to Ruby and we were not understanding each other. She then told me ” I do not understand your accent , I will transfer you.” Now Ruby is from India. She sends me over to Al who did not know how to help me so he moved me down the line to Stewart. He was not sure but he knew who could help me. I am sure you all can figure out who that is. Ruby. Yes I got her again.  I asked her for someone who spoke English and she was offended.

Yes I can go on and I am sure you all can come up with pet peeves of your own.  It does make you just want to toss your hands in the air and not want to get out of bed some days