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Guest Blog

Today I have a special guest with me, Martin King.

He will be guest blogging for all of us to enjoy. His contact information will be at the end of the post.


The great outdoors, the child’s playground. Where I grew up, we lived in a house on the very edge of Mother Nature. Country lanes, farms, fields and rambling hills ran for miles. Life was one great big adventure. And as such, the flora and fauna provided much to entertain us.

Do you remember sticky stuff as we used to call it, or perhaps sticky buds? It was that green stringy, plant stuff that stuck to your clothes. You would sneak up behind your mates and chuck it the back of their jumper. But then this is the best bit, when they realised it was there and pulled it off, it left behind millions of tiny green balls that took forever to pick off.

And there were rosehips, or more commonly known among our youthful ranks as ‘itching powder.’ Yes those harmless looking red capsules contained those little furry seeds that you could chuck down someone’s back. Then you would watch happily from a safe distance as they writhed around in the middle of the road.

What about cuckoo spit? That white spit stuff you would find on long grass. Inside were those little tiny hopping bugs. If you tried to touch them, they would spring away. Talking of grass, do you remember walking along a country lane and plucking the small grains off in your hand and through it up into the air? Or using a blade of grass to make the loudest noise?

Near our house were these plants that produced white berries. I don’t know what they were called, but we used to squeeze then and they would make a pooping sound. There are so many others too, like hunting conkers and making daisy chains, blowing dandelion clocks and throwing sycamore helicopters.

If you put a buttercup under somebody’s chin and it turned yellow, it meant they loved butter. Making perfume from mashed up rose petals, I guess I could go on and on. No doubt I have missed so many. The joys of nature provided many magical moments!

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