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Local Authors Showcase: Showing your ware

In my county there are a few times during the year that they hold what they call Author Showcases. It is designed for authors in the area to meet for the public to interact with. Sometimes they are successful while others not so much. I been doing these for a few years now and while inside I am full of butterflies once it starts it is just a lot of fun. The last one we had the show was moved to a Sunday afternoon. To help it be more successful we had a thunderstorm along with lightning and thunder to accompany us.

Upon arriving the crew that showed up only filled up a bit of the room. What I liked however was how I knew about 80 percent of the authors there. So while the day was not very successful I was able to hang out with authors and friends at the same time. Plus I made some new friends to boot. This is always a win for me.

What was funny was how my friend Joanna who was a table next to me said how every time she turned around to talk there was something sitting down talking to me. For an introvert such as myself I had to chuckle. Maybe I should have done like Lucy and charge 5 cents for each visitor. 🙂 Another plus was how authors gave me free books with no strings attached. I will definitely read and review as my way of saying thank you, even though they didn’t ask me for anything.

All and all the three house went by super fast. In a few months we will be doing another one and the venue will be bigger so I won’t get a chance like this one to mingle and talk to the other people. In a way I am glad it happened the way it did. I made new contacts, saw different and unique ways to set up one’s table and learned about options to expand my brand. The outcome was just as fun.