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Writers:Do you send letters through the mail?

2013-05-02 12.57.56(2)

How many people enjoy getting real actual mail? I’m not talking about the bills and flyers that flood our mailbox. But a real letter or card that someone specifically took the time to get, write and then send out to you.

I love them. It trumps an email any day of the week. A few days ago I received a card from my good friend Walter. I had sent him some pictures of Jasper and some feathers for his grandchildren. He had purchased two of my books. And as he pointed out in his card, this was a more personal way to say thanks. Walter is old school. He doesn’t have a computer or an email account. He prefers to do it the way it use to be. I like that. I use to send cards on a regular basis for it felt good and I knew the person on the other end appreciated the thought and time it took for me to do so.

With life always getting in the way, I have strayed from that. I need to make more time to go back to my card writing and spread some cheer to others. For what greater way to make a person smile as they sort through the mountain of bills and to find a card nestles among them? I know for me, it is huge. When I saw his card I smiled from ear to ear all the way back to my front door, opening it up on the way, wanting to read every nugget he had written.

Technology is great, it is pretty awesome. But we need to remember the simple and slow way of doing things. They are not bad and should not be forgotten simply because the world have deem them obsolete.

I hope I never get so busy again that I forget this simple pleasure of sending someone a real card or letter through the mail.