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Falling in love with your MS again

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Have you ever picked up a MS that has been laying dormant and fall in love with it all over again? I use to think when I did that perhaps I was being conceited. That was until I wrote this on my author page on FB and learned that was not the case.  In fact one person wrote, “If you don’t love your work who will?”

And that solidified it. Working on Vol 2 of my Jasper, Amazon Parrot series I realized it would be a good idea to reread the first one so I could bridge the two together. Sitting down on the couch I got my Pepsi and started to read. It had been a while since I had done this and I fell in love all over again. I laughed at the same spots, I smirked at the reactions of some of the characters and just truly enjoyed the read.  There has been an occasion where a friend had read this MS out loud to me so I could catch anything that would need to be fixed. Instead I ended up laughing and then out of the blue it hit me. I wrote this, me.

I truly love this book. I have lived and breathed this MS for a few years now. I think as authors we need to fall in love all over again with our works. Not just a few times but down the road pick it up and enjoy the words you wrote. Enjoy the adventure that falls off the page.  If you don’t, like that comment suggested, who else will? We have to enjoy what we do and trust me it will show on the pages whether the words are works of love or just a task that was done.

Case in point is another MS that I will be submitting soon, “Squirrel Mafia”which is a true story of the war between the squirrels in my back yard versus me. It makes me giggle and I hope it will make others laugh out loud for that was the point of the book. This is my first attempt at true humor. But most important it was a labor of time, effort and love over a topic that was just so much fun to write about.

I truly hope my fellow writers and bloggers that when you put words down that you are having a good time, enjoying what you are doing and absolutely having fun. It makes all the difference in the world. And if you can do that the words will shine through to others.

Can you laugh?

Can you laugh at yourself? I mean really, stop and take a moment and think about that question. It’s said that laughter is the best medicine and I agree. How many can make fun of themselves and truly have a deep gut wrenching belly laugh at something we have done? I know I can. If you can’t laugh at yourself then how can you laugh at others? One is really not living if all we can do is laugh at others hence making it a one sided issue. Let’s face it, people do stupid things, and yes that includes ourselves. Stupid things that if it was someone else doing it, we would bust out laughing in waves of tears. Live a little and think or rather feel outside the box. You know what? Dance a little and sing out loud even if you are the only one in the room. I don’t care if you have 2 left feet or if you couldn’t carry a tune if it had handles. So what? Isn’t doing all of this just a part of living and expressing who we are?

Doing these simple things is what makes me me. I use to care but now I realize how silly that is. It is liberating once we let these notions just slide away. After all, who made those rules up? Probably the people who are great at dancing and singing.  I will admit, I can’t dance or sing well- I no longer let that stop me  Life is so very short- don’t help it along the way. It is chaotic and stressing and downright cruel-live a little. It is so easy to do and guess what, it’s free. How many things in this world are free? So sing out loud , dance a little jig, have a laugh at your own expense. Trust me, it will make you smile. With that being the end results, how can it be wrong?  If you could peek into my piece of the world and look in the window this is what you would see on most days- a laughing, funky dancing, mixed lyrics toting woman. But I tell you, what you would see is a smile and someone who has learned, finally, to laugh at herself.