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Snood, what a funny word at least to me it is. I purchased two recently at a recent Renaissance Faire in the area. I was a virgin to this explosion of colors, sounds and outfits. When I saw the hair nets as I first called them I thought it be pretty cool to own some.

But the fascination to this celebration did not stop there. I was transported back into Mid Evil times where one would see queens, kings, knights, the court jester and the always popular wandering minstrel. Every where I turned one heard the King’s speech as my friends and I wandered from shop to shop and event to event.

I was fascinated to see people who had dressed to the nines from head to toe. It was truly a wonderful experience. One of the areas had the medicinal herbs that they would use when one was ill. Seeing the different colors and various smells brought ones nostrils to full ecstasy. Picking up one bottle and reviewing the contents I recognized the scent but could not put my finger on it.

Me: “Don’t tell me , I know what this is.”

The lady at the table stared at me with a twinkle in her eye that hid some doubt to my capability.

Me: ” I smelled this before. Mm ashes, Palm Sunday this is so familiar to me.”

A few minutes later it hit me Frankincense.

The young woman called over her lady in waiting and notified her that I had guessed the scent. One that people had not been able to. Softly to myself I pumped my fist and went, “Go Catholic” as the people around me smiled. See I was paying attention.

After talking with them a few minutes we noticed a huge loon where an older woman was working.  Next to her was a spinning wheel. This was familiar to me for my family possessed a huge loom that had been passed down to one of my aunts. They knew also how to spin the magical wheel. While this is not a skill I possess it is one I am fascinated by the many wonderful garments that can be created this way.

The endless pictures that were taken filled my camera. I felt like a kid as I got in line to pose with the King and Queen, the Knight and other various objects on display. It did not matter that I was a full-grown woman I was having a blast as my friends laughed at the kid that was transformed before their eyes,

The sites just kept coming at me as the time slipped away without being noticed. While it was not a big one by any stretch this event made the day full of laughter and fun. It will fill me with memories for a long time to come.