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Final Revisions


This week my publisher sent me a review copy of my book. My job is to review and approve it. Once I do that it is off to the printers! I am so close to having this dream become a reality. It has involved a lot of work and time to get to this point. There has been ups and downs with this particular MS but it has been worth it. I am hoping, and feel free to cross your fingers for me, I find nothing out of whack that will delay the process. But I did have to go in the oh my gosh don’t screw this up mode. It is only natural, I feel, to have a little bit of anxiety.

I had a few goals when I started this project a few years ago.

-To get a book traditional published

-Hold in my hands a copy of a book I wrote

-For me to see it on a shelf in a bookstore

Each step of the way will be surreal as it occurs. I am still in lala land when I sit down and truly think about how far this book and I have come from the very first draft. It is not just my book it is my baby. One that has seen a lot of changes and has weathered them all. There has been a lot of obstacles that have tried to deter me. That’s what happens when we want something badly. It is not sweet if it was easy. So I am reading the book while trying to contain my giddiness knowing that in a few short weeks two of my goals will be accomplished.

The work doesn’t stop there. It be nice if it did so I could start on my next project. What comes next is letting the world know about Jasper and his adventures with his friend Charlie. Hopefully they will enjoy it as much as I had writing it.

Do You Abandon Your Book?



IMG_0233Even though my book got picked up by a traditional publisher, it doesn’t mean I don’t have to spread the word and do some marketing of my own. This is tough for I am by all accounts a shy person.

Times are tough for books. They are competing with ebooks, tablets and people giving away their books for free for reviews. So a year before I started actively submitting “Jasper, Amazon Parrot:A Rainforest Adventure” I hit the social media scene.

You can find me here:


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I am on a few others but these are the big ones. I started to network, meeting various people in various stages of their book. Along the way I met some awesome friends. I came across people who helped me in so many different ways. Ami who worked on my query letter that got my book into a few editor’s hands. I met my editor, Nancy, who is just amazing with her talents. I have met writers who have helped me with questions and problems when it came to social media. This is a market every author, whether self published or traditional, needs to tap into. It is pure gold for the taking, you just have to reach for it. And by the way, it is how I met my publisher.

It is time-consuming when you first start. This was the main reason a year prior to submitting I became pro active with my book and the means to promote it. It has been a few years since then and now my social media format just need checking on now and then.

Being shy won’t cut it in this market. You have to take a deep breath and step forward. Your book needs you to be there for it. It can’t do it alone. And why should it? It has been with you for so long why abandon it now?

Author: Business Cards


Do you have a business card? And if you answer no, why not? We as authors have to treat our writing as a business. What better way to have your name, contact information and website all in one small spot? I went with Vistaprint. If you wait long enough they come out with incredible sales. I got a box for 4.99 which had 250 cards in it. I did pay the extra price to remove the word Vistaprint on the back and just have a blank white space. For me that was worth it. But with the low price I snagged two boxes.

These are perfect way to introduce yourself to others. I was at a coffee shop with three other writers. A lady behind me interrupted us and said we were quite inspiring to listen to. She had turned off her iPod so she could hear us edit our writings. We told her about our writing group, she is a poet, and invited her over. We talked a bit and then she said she would let us continue. But not before one of the writers passed her business card to her. Knowing I had some as well I did the same. This was perfect timing.

I was elated I really was. A few weeks later I had to clean my purse out. My card holder was getting bulky so I took out my cards which left my license, credit cards, insurance cards and my AAA card. I would put them back in after that particular errand. I never did and I regret that.

A few days later while in PT I started talking to a couple who had been engaging me in conversations for a few weeks now. We seemed to be scheduled for PT at the same time. One thing led to another and we started talking about our pets. I shared my pictures they did the same. The man asked me when my book was coming out and what was the title. I told him. He then said do you have a website or are you on FB? I thought this is a perfect time to hand out a card. That is if I had replaced my card holder with cards.

As I fumbled through my purse it hit me what had happened. Crap. I wrote my information on a sheet of paper for him. But a card would have been easier and more professional. So while I tell people if you are an author do get cards it only helps if you keep them on you.

Lesson learned.