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Hospital Gowns

We have all been to the hospital at one point or another. So I am sure you are all familiar with the hospital gowns. You know, the ones that rarely covers your back side. With all of the world’s advances and technology why can they not come up with a hospital gown that covers your bootie? When I gave birth I did ask for 2, the extra I used as a house coat to well cover my posterior. Some dignity should just be offered. Have you noticed on TV or in the movies, people in the hospitals most of the time have a gown that covers it all. How did they get so lucky? What hospital do they go to? How can I get one of those? If it is done on TV, it can be done in real life right? What gets me is when I do ask for a 2nd gown I will get a look. So the nurses will get a look back from me. I just don’t get it. It is bad enough we are in the hospital to where a gown is needed, at least help our stay be a little less drafty.