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Books vs eReaders

The Headquarter Library had a book sale recently. They have these roughly 3-4 times a year. We go a good portion of the time for the books are not more then a buck. It gives me a great opportunity to try books I would never even think of picking up to read. I can go wild with any genre I want and know that I did not waste precious money. The beauty of this also is I can place the books on the paperbackswap.com website to exchange the books with others and so share the love. It is a win win and win.

Now eReaders are the latest thing to hit books. They are portable, affordable and compact. You can place numerous books on the tablet compared to the space that a bookshelf takes. But for this avid reader it is just not the same. While I get the pros of a eReader I will have to pass on it for now. If I get one as a gift I would thank the person with a smile and honestly mean it. But a book in my hand is a simple pleasure I am not willing to give up. The smell and feel of a book just gives me a chill from head to toe. Turning the pages literally is something I still enjoy. My house is bursting with books as my husband and I are avid readers and have been since childhood. Yet we still go to used book stores, thrift shops and the sales at the library to find potential books that need a new home. I feel like a hypocrite in the sense as a budding writer I have been looking at placing my stories for ebook consumption. Yet if I had a choice print would be my preference. Snuggling up on my couch, bed or a chair on my porch is how I prefer it. You will always find a book by my bed, couch, purse and in my car. Any opportunity where I have some free time the book comes out. I guess the people who would understand this are avid readers like myself who treasure what a book means. There is so little things in life lately that are free so until all books are virtually gone I won’t give them up.

PaperBack Swap

Trade Books for Free - PaperBack Swap.

I have  been an active member of  PaperBack Swap for a few years now.  The concept is simple,  members exchange books among themselves.  Once you’re a member you create a list of books that you are willing to swap with others.  When someone picks a  book on your list, it is shipped at your cost and vice versa .

It is simple, easy and cost-effective.  Cost effective since we can use the media rate at the post office. The most I have spent on mailing a book has been slightly under 3 bucks.

PaperBack Swap is also a great networking site to gather opinions of other novels, and share opinions or reviews.

Check the site and my list of books out. Maybe you will see something you like.  Just click on the icon above.