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Biology by Martin King

Author Martin King will be finishing his #100blogfest(Twitter hashtag) today for all of us to enjoy. The topic is Biology

Biology by Martin King

When I went to ‘the big school’ or High School as it is often referred too, one of my favourite lessons was Biology. Not because I loved learning about all those botanical names, but because the teacher was such a push over.

In the summer we used to get to go out along the old railway line looking at and learning about the flora and fauna. To be honest it was just an excuse to get out of class. Our teacher Mr. Gott would try and control us, but every lesson we would start chanting “we wanna go out,” and invariably he would always concede defeat and let us.

Across the back of his Biology classroom was a long table. We would dump all our bags and coats on there. Sometimes one or two of the kids would hide under all the coats so when Mr. Gott took us out for a walk in the countryside, they would have the freedom to do whatever they wanted. I tried it once but got claustrophobic.

Anyway one day I turned up for class and he wasn’t there. Apparently he had been out walking in the Lake District ( a fantastic beautiful location in northern England), and had a fall and got killed. You can imagine how bad we all felt after all the hard times we had given him.

From that moment onwards I made sure I learned as much as I could in Biology. It ended up being one of the only subjects I passed. So this memory is for you Mr. Gott.

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