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Manners: Are they a thing of the past?

Remember when you were younger you were taught by your parents what to do and not to do? How you respected your elders, said thank you when someone did something nice to you and so on?

Lately I see people walking in front of me when I am in line for something, Someone will bump into me and either walk away or give me a look since I was in the way for them to bump into me. People will see you coming while they are in an elevator and smile as the doors close. People will drive into a parking lot and as they pass the section that is in front of the main doors, you know the strip that have lines going through it so the customers can cross safely, zip right on by.

It use to be the youngsters who I would expect this from but now lately it is more and more adults who are seen doing this. The rudeness and lack of manners just well our parents would never let us get away with this kind of behavior. Even at my age I still say,”Excuse me”,”Yes please”, “Yes sir” or “Yes,Ma’am” to my elders but I fear in a generation or two this will be lost or negated to a small percentage of the population

So when I see or hear a youngster say “Please” or “Excuse me” it helps a little to balance the others. When a youngster holds the door for me, especially the youngest ones who struggle to do it, it is nice to see it is not dead yet.