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2013-06-17 18.58.28

I am back from my trip to Maine. I went to check up on my mom to see how she was doing. Going back home always gives me mix emotions as any vacation might do.

The positive side

-I scored a jar of confiture. If you have never had this oh my gosh you need to try it.

-I visited with my family.

-I was able to visit my home church twice.

-I was able to visit my dad at the cemetery.

-I was able to immerse in the French culture that is part of my Acadian heritage. One that is unique too anything I have ever visited.

-The beauty and simple life that is Northern Maine is priceless.

The negative side

-My phone kept wanting to connect to the Canadian server. I was 12 miles from the border.

-The realization that my time would go by very fast and it did

-The aging of my family and knowing that all things come to pass

-I did not write a dang thing while up there.

As with all vacations they come to an end. I have been up to Maine three times in the last year and that wears on a person’s mind and body. It was a good visit and will have great memories from it. As I was leaving the Monday night before I was to leave I saw the pretty lady that is posted here. She is two years old and a big gal but kids grow up so fast. It was a great way to end my time up home in Maine.