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Getting motivated to write: Hard or easy?

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How hard is it to get motivated to write? When one comes back from being away, the holidays come, one is sick for a period of time, schooling and work for others, how hard is it to write? A writer is always thinking of scenes, plots, characters and their development in their heads, but when that motivation is gone how does one pick themselves up to do it?

There are so many distractions in today’s world along with responsibilities making the move to sit down and write can be hard. One can rational that they will do it tomorrow, yes tomorrow I will start. Procrastination is something very powerful.

I have not written in a while but been working on my author’s platform making sure links are accurate, updating my list of books I’ve written and so forth. I been crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s to make sure all looks okay. With my platform being wide range in the tools I use this is something that is very time-consuming. It is tedious, not fun some days and at some point flat-out boring. Burt very important in my opinion. Hopefully when I am done with the overhaul I’ll be back to writing.

To those who are at the point of just not feeling the need or want to write, maybe a break is what is needed. Perhaps you are having writer’s block, perhaps the pace it has taken is not what you have expected or maybe and just maybe you are not feeling this story anymore. It happens.

When that has happened to me I moved on to another storyline, I have three going at the same time which helps me with less down time of writing.

Motivation to write is not always there There may be circumstances to prevent us from doing so or we just may not want to. Breath. It happens to a lot of us, not just you.

Hopefully soon the juice will find its way out and you will be back to writing that book to the end. A break after all could be what you need.

Researching your book: Do you do it?


Do you research your writings of any kind? Whether it’s a short story, novella to a full size novel, do you research the piece? I am entering a short story in one of Writer’s Digest many contests. The only condition is that it has to be under 4k. Still there were a couple of sections that I did a bit of research to make it accurate.

For my children series I have notes coming out of my yang for each animal in the book to make sure they are in the region I am writing in. I have checked to make sure the scenery is how it’s suppose to be. I have pages of links that I have used to prove my research. Even though some people have told me that this genre does not need to be researched. This is such a huge part of the book. You get one big thing wrong and get the person who knows about it to read your book, brace yourself for that review.

I was reading a book for review and in it the author mentioned how his cockatiel could sing songs with 40 different lyrics. I knew that was inaccurate. I let it go. But every time he went to his office in the book this bird would sing.

I knew again this was wrong. How? I had at that point, and still to this day, been rescuing and adopting birds for over 15 years and of the ones with me were four cockatiels. While they can sing a multiple of songs and sounds I have never heard them sing the words to the song. I even contacted a breeder I knew who had been doing this for over 40 years and she laughed at me. It did ruin what was a great book.

You never know who reads your book. If your novel is one that would benefit from research,do it.

Why blog?

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How hard is it to find blog content? And how often should you post per week? Plus, why blog in the first place?

First is content. Where do we find it? How do we come up with a topic and talk about it is something that everyone must figure out. Me personally I just look around where I am at, pay attention to conversations or will talk about something that is happening. Easy? Not always. One reason I am writing this post about blogs to be honest. My friend CP does a lot of reposting, sharing and hosting on his blog. That is a great way to help others and yourself at the same time and something I need to do more of.

Second is how often. That can be left up to interpretation of the writer. You don’t want to bore your audience, rather you want to keep them enjoying and engaging in what you talk about. It varies from blog to blog how often you get content to read. Also life can get in the way with health, family and life in general. The beauty of sites like this is you can write content when you think of something and just schedule it to be released on the day you want it dropped.

Why blog in the first place? There have been bloggers for a heck of a long time. You can see blogs about coffee to cats to just about anything. It is a good way to express ourselves, a way to let people know what is going on to getting your name out there just to name a few. Some just like writing stuff down regardless if their blog is being followed by a mass amount of people or just a few.

Regardless of the reason blogging can be fun, therapeutic and you get to meet some interesting characters along the way, That alone is worth the effort.