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Character Development

My class “ Character Development” started Monday night. The class was amazing and I have six more to go. Learning how to make our characters strong, believable, lovable, loathed, and focused is something we all should strive for as writers. For as an avid reader, I want to fall in love with my character or hate them so badly I want to see how the book ends. Most times I follow through with the liking of a character. There are some books by the time it ends I wish the one I fell for would just go away as my alliances has shifted to the villain who is suddenly amazing.

If we just stick to the physical aspect of what our characters look like ,while we may describe them so well our readers can image them in their minds, you can only go so far with looks. Well that is what they say right? So invest in your characters, go to the root of what makes them who they are, what they are and why I should as a reader get so invested in this one person. For if you don’t chances are the book will not be read

So the instructor asked how strong were our characters in our book? Do they make the reader get invested in them relatively soon or does it drag on? The format my professor suggested was very simple and something I am sure most of you are all aware of.

Who? Where? What? How? When? Why?

Simple enough but then break it down even further. Who did what where and how did they do it and why? Or you can say how did it happen to this other character that is in the book? The possibilities are endless depending how big your cast is in the book.

So in my mind I mentally went through the two books I am trying to get published and did the math so to speak to see if the characters in those books matched up to the rigor of those six questions.

Fortunately they did, and I did not even know I was doing it correctly. I was happily surprised. For in those two books the main characters I broke down to the core. Not just the physical aspects of what they looked liked. But I talked about their character: weakness, likes, fears, hopes,goals,strengths and so on. I started each character from birth and worked my way up. By doing that you give your person the best chance of working whether it is to be loved or hated. Without that, for me as a reader, the book no matter how well written, will be either read and honestly reviewed or just not read at all.

Each class I will share what I have learned, in hopes I can pass on some insight to others so we can all somehow improve our craft.

Squirrels- my long time enemy

People who know me personally know that I hate squirrels. I even wrote a small book on it that is in the process of being edited. The sequel is half way done. I was folding my clothes in my room on the 2nd floor yesterday to which I heard some barking. Looking left and right, I saw this little fellow on my chimney on the 2nd floor.

He lunged at me but oh so sorry there was a window between us.

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Free Books

Early this year I contacted a publisher. I was inquiring about pricing for their editorial services. While I could not afford the fees he and I stayed in touch through email and the like.  Last week he contacted me about an upcoming e-book he was putting together. It will be a collection of short stories from various authors. He wanted to include some of my short stories.  I maintain the copyrights.

It will be available for free to download. The publisher will be eating the entire cost for the art, editing and formating the book so no profit will be made. I won’t see a dime for this but there are still positive reasons out there. As a new author, who is trying to break out, any free publicity is a good thing. People will get to see my works, have ways to contact me and also see what is on the table as far as WIP. The book will be shared by other publishers and editors. They might see something they like or know someone who could use one of the stories. That is another win. Finally when I write my query letters at least now I can place in the body of it that I have something in print.

One person told me that if I am not getting paid it seems pointless. I am not taking that route. I have to start somewhere. Even if that means one short story at a time.