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Writing Trilogies


When I first began to write I wasn’t thinking of trilogies. I still had to finish my first book. But from that came my second in the series. I am currently editing and revising the third one. I’m not sure if there will be any more after that but have a couple of possible directions I can go.

But now that I am writing in a new genre, which is YA, my thinking is different. My first NaNoWriMo win was with the manuscript called “Lost Faith” which at first was a stand alone. But quickly my mind went to trilogy. Why so quickly? The movies now a days seem to come in trilogies for this genre. Not only that but go to any bookstore and in this section it is trilogy galore. I even read in a few places that is what publishers are looking for. Whether that is the trend now or not I’m not sure. But my mind went there and so now that is what “Lost Faith” has become.

But with my Jasper series I wrote each one individually. With my YA I came up with a crazy idea. Why write one by one by one? Why not write this humongous novel where I would just have to divide into three?

Does anyone do it like this or not ? Am I nuts to try to do this? Probably so. Will it all shatter and I just go back to one at a time could happen. But for now I am going for the gusto.