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Killing my hero



Is it okay to kill your main character?” I asked two of my writer friends at a coffee shop last week. They both stared at me.

Well, is it?”

This little innocent question, in my mind, started a whole conversation on why it is and isn’t okay to do so. When is it okay to kill one’s character? The whole point of the book I am working on is for my hero to end for a worthy cause, one that will change and start a revolution. Hey it works in the movies, and I am sure there are books out there that have done this same thing. But when Robin mentioned I left nothing for a sequel if I did t hat my response was, “I’m not planning a sequel to this book.”

Again, they started at me in disbelief.

For me to not have my hero die would mean I would have to totally revise my book and the plots inside of it. I’m really not a fan of that, it would make the novel something that was never my intent. Granted, it could make it even better. But I know inside I will not be changing my WIP in that respect. I might change the ending a bit so there can be a sequel which in my writer friends mind would justify her dying. We will see. I am on page 20 of edits so I have a while to go.