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Are you still meeting during this pandemic?

With Covid being what it is, meetings of any kind have been on hold. Some groups have gone virtual, some are on hiatus, while others have still met.

As a writer getting feedback on our works is necessary to get our work in the best shape possible.


When one submits to a publisher or self-publish, what readers see between the covers will determine its success. There are a lot of parts to any book. But when we edit and revise one’s work, we won’t catch everything. We know our manuscripts the best, and in time we glaze over errors that others might notice, such as loopholes, spelling errors, punctuation, and run-on sentences.

We can’t be our editors and get 100% of it correct. Different eyes are necessary to make our book better.

So, during this pandemic, you need to decide what is the right path for you in being safe in how you go about getting your eyes on your work.

I have had an opportunity to meet IRL with other writers at a new writing group. I am not of the mind to do that just yet.

Ultimately I want you all safe regardless of how you proceed.

Imposter Syndrome: Has this crossed your mind as a writer?


Do we all know what this means?

According to the internet, it means this: Impostor syndrome refers to an internal experience of believing that you are not as competent as others perceive you to be

So, as a writer, do you or have you ever experience imposter syndrome?

It is a term I have seen a lot over the last few years talked about when it comes to my profession. After seeing this for the umpteenth time, I pondered if I have had this feeling wash over me.

Before I was first published, I had symptoms of this as I tried to get to this level- have a book out into the world.

I have had people in my circle, through their words and action, who thought this was me- an imposter. Things would leak out to where I suspected I was not able to do what I had set before me.

It is hard to overcome regardless of what your job is. Trying to do something and make a good go out of it is hard enough. To have thoughts creep into your mind as well as through others weighs a person down. Ir can make the task at hand much harder to accomplish and make someone stop.

Thankfully, the writers in my group gave me the boost I needed to continue onward regardless of when I felt I was an imposter.

If you ever have these enter your mind take a good hard look at  where you were and compare it to where you are now. I suspect that you have grown in ways you might not have noticed.

Cross Promotion: Let’s do it


As an author it is needed to get out there and promote ourselves. One way I have found is to cross promote. This can be done in many ways. One can use their social media platform to tweet, post on Facebook and on Google Plus just to name a few.

There is another way that I have used in the past. I have hosted authors on this page to show their wares or one of their own post. In return some have returned the favor. I told myself late in 2014 that I needed to do this form of marketing more to spread my name out as well as others.

So this post is short and simple. If anyone wants to cross promote with me let me know in the comments or send an email. It could include a book release, an interview, a piece of writing or something else we can come up with. I feel as authors helping each other only helps ourselves. Let’s host each other.

I will be sending this message across my platform in hopes of getting some momentum for 2015. Let’s do this and make our platform shine more this year.