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A conversation with my current WIP

2014-04-28 11.52.25

After a few months of not writing due to life and obligations I finally was able to get to my WIP. This is the conversation we had.

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Me: Well hello Lost Faith, guess who’s ready to get back to work?
LF: Who are you?
Me: Oh come on now it has not been that long. I had things that had to be done and family to help.
LF: I know I know. But it wouldn’t have hurt to stop and say hi. Heck you walked by me for the past two months with not even a howdy do.
Me: My bad. I’m sorry. That was wrong. But I am back now for us to work together again.
LF: I understand. Family is family. So where will we start?
Me: I’m not sure, there are so many places I need to fix and figure out.
LF: Well you need to add more dialogue to me, fix the loop holes, describe better the location and…. wait I know where!
Me: Where?
LF: The killing of one of the main characters. You’re still gonna do that, right? Start there. It will be so much fun it will be your first time. I decree we start there.
Oh you decree?
LF: Yes.
Me: I will get to that I promise but I need to bulk some areas up. You know you are going to be a trilogy.
LF: Hooray for Hollywood lalalalalala Hollywood. Yes you need to do that, I will look awesome on the big screen. Awesome I tell you.
Me: Yes you will.
LF: And Sharon? I really missed you.
Me: I missed you as well. Let’s get started.

My current WIP is a sassy thing. But I do love her.



As with most writers, we tend to have more than one writing project in the works. This didn’t use to me though. When I first started my writing journey I kept it to one project at a time. That evolved to me writing notes and ideas down of potential projects. Sadly and happily that notebook has exploded into pages and pages of thoughts for writing adventures. Added to that is a list of people who have expressed an interested in collaborating with me for potential projects. A few years has gone by since I first started and now I have projects out of my yang yang.

At the moment this is what I have: finishing Jasper 3 which is a children’s series based on my Amazon parrot, finishing Lost Faith, my NaNoWriMo book winner from 2013, which is a YA book based in the future, finishing A Woman of Color, my NaNoWriMo book winner from 2011, an adult true life story, finalizing the pictures for Squirrel Mafia which is a true comic relief story andmy latest interview for the magazine I now freelance for

Eventually I will get to Moe’s Cafe which is adult fiction and my first attempt at a crime story. This was my NaNoWriMo book winner for 2012. I have now lovingly labeled my notebook of ideas to “Whenever I have time to write these books” notebook.

When I went over the list in my head this past weekend I had realized I was interchanging from children to YA to adult and back and have been doing this for the last few weeks. I am surprised how easily I can transcend from different characters and plots. But maybe it is easy since the characters and their lives are so vivid in my head and have been for so long they are now part of my brain function.

Whatever the case, these are the projects I am working on to keep me busy and in some case sane from everyday life.