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Will you notice me if I’m gone?


If you died, how long would it take before anyone on your social media noticed? We talk to a lot of people in different formats such as Facebook, Twitter, G+, and LinkedIn just to name a few. But if we stopped the flow of activity would anyone notice?

This topic hit me last week when someone texted me saying they had not seen me online lately and was wondering if I was okay. That I had to admit was nice that someone noticed. Someone who had missed me. For let’s be honest, it is nice to be missed. It means someone paid attention, someone cares that you are not around. Who doesn’t like to be missed? I know I do.

We are so busy with our lives and our careers that sometimes we forget to check up on people or sadly even notice they haven’t posted, texted or made a reference that you normally would laugh at or agree to.

Life goes at such a fast pace and it seems to go faster as each year goes by. I would surely hate to lose touch with people while they are still with us. Let’s not forget those around us before it’s to late.