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How many ideas do you have to write about?



Do you ever take a break from writing or is it with you constantly? I ask for one simple reason. My friend Adrianne said that I am always looking at objects, people and so on for possible story ideas. The funny thing is I had not noticed I did that until she brought it up. I so do this.

One member of one of my writing group made this statement. “I only have this idea the book I am working on.” That floored me and honestly the whole group. I personally have a few notebooks with pages and pages of ideas, summaries or plot scenes for potential novels. If I stopped adding ideas to this book and finished each one I would have to live another 100-200 years. And yet I add more ideas. It’s insane that I do this.

With me being a photographer as well I am always looking for “the shot” to capture so between these two fields it’ not surprising that my brain goes into this mode.

Is this something you do? Or do you work on one project, finish it and move on to another? Do you work on more than one project at a time? I know I do. Do you have ideas for multiple genres or primarily the one you work in? It keeps the mind active and ongoing which helps as we get older.

Maybe I need to write one of those prompt books that we see and use my ideas for that. Maybe someone could work on the idea further then I have. Nay. I just need to live for a very long time. 🙂