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Virus from hell



Nothing like having a virus attack you without warning. It will stop you, cold. That’s what happened to me last Thursday evening. In the process I lost 11 pounds in six days. Something I didn’t think was possible if the doctor had not weighed me.

There was little I could do but suffer through and deal with it. When the doctor said, “You could let it run its course or take the medication,” I without a shadow of a doubt knew what I was going to do. At this junction I only been sick two and a half days meaning I still had four and a half days to let it run its course.

That wasn’t happening. I took the medication. This virus gave me:

-lost of appetite

-my sides cramping up

-blurry vision

-inability to sleep

-chills hot and cold that came on without warning




They all fought together as a well oil machine and attacked my body with a tremendous force. We don’t have a name for this virus but I do know what to look for next time it comes around. I seriously hope nobody gets this. It is not fun, it is not easy and it will drain you until you have nothing else. I least there is some good on the horizon for my son told me,”Wow, you no longer look like your dying.”

I think that says it all.