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Author’s Website:Take a Bite Part 2

How many posts per page? After checking out several websites and asking around the consensus is three posts is considered enough at first viewing of a page. If people are interested they will look further. The word count per post should be around 500 words give or take a few. Anything excessive will make people stop reading unless the post is drop dead amazing then well ignore this advice.

What I like is how we can personalize it with our own pictures. My heading is my main character to my first book, ” Jasper, Amazon Parrot”.  It is often one will see  authors promoting their books or characters by the pictures located on the first page.

Do leave a place where people can contact you. This was a big snafu I had done. I had shown them where to find me but not how to contact me directly. Lesson learned, one of many we will all discover as we branch out into doing our webpages.

What format you use will determine how many widgets you can place whether on one side of the page or on both. You can even have the drop down menus that you can see on my page at the top. That is a golden opportunity for people to take a quick peak and see what you got going on. Just make sure you keep it updated. Something I need to do in fact.

You can have so much fun with creating your website. It can be how ever you want it while working for you at the same time. Now when I hear of my writer friends tell me they don’t have a page I tell them what is stopping you? How can I help? A far cry from when I waited two months while my site was set to private. It brings out the confidence in a person as their words are being read by other people. To get a person to click like to a post or even comment still makes me giddy. I love it. And you will do once you get started. So after all this what is stopping you?

I don’t proclaim to know all that is good and bad with setting up a page but as always if you have any questions just holler.