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Sweet Iced Tea vs Unsweetened Iced Tea

In Northern Maine I’m use to sweet hot tea. It’s drunk year round. Not until I was in the deep South did sweet iced tea cross my lips. My first reaction was OH MY GOSH WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN MY ENTIRE LIFE? Well something like that anyway. My boyfriend, now husband, had brought me to a fast food place by the name of Hardee’s that served sweet iced tea. This amazing yet simple drink is like ambrosia to me. It is drunk all the time by my family.

One day however I heard someone order unsweetened iced tea in the booth behind us. It made me pause.  Could this also be an amazing drink just waiting for me to learn about? Soon I ordered the same thing. Taking one sip I immediately spit it back into the cup and looked around me to see if that had been noticed. What I had before me was brown water and that was it. There was no taste, nothing to hint to anyone that it was anything but water. So why is this ordered repeatedly just confused me to all limits of confusion. What am I missing? Well obviously the sugar and honey but what would possess anyone to order this drink? There is no taste as far as I am concern. This will be a question that will not be answered I suspect as I go on drinking glasses and glasses of sweet iced tea.

Everyone has different taste, style and opinions. But this is one I just honestly do not get.