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NaNoWriMo 2014


I attempted NaNoWriMo for the first time in 2011 and won. The following two years I was successful as well. This year however I didn’t try at all. I knew with what was on my plate I might not have a chance to win. And for me personally it’s all about the win. Granted we don’t win much apart from five copies of your book and bragging rights. Trust me, bragging rights is pretty darn sweet.

I’m glad I made this mental decision before November. On the first and second we had a writer’s conference in town. The next four days I was at a writer’s retreat, half of which I was sick. Getting home on Thursday the 6th, I contracted a virus from hell which laid me out for 10 days. This brought me to November 16th which was already half of the month done.

In the three years I have won NaNo the first year I did it in 21 days, the other two in two weeks time. So it was plausible I could buckle down and make a serious go at it. But I decided not to chance it. Knowing I would going down to visit my in-laws for Thanksgiving would mean losing three days.

I am happy for all of you who made the attempt and won. I am also happy for everyone who made a serious go of it. Everyone has their own personal goal. My friend Robin calls it NeedToWriteMo in which she tries to write every day of November which I feel is a commendable goal.

But for me it’s all about the win about the win.

NaNoWriMo 2014


crest-bda7b7a6e1b57bb9fb8ce9772b8faafbIt is that lovely time of the year for NaNoWriMo 2014. I started doing NaNo in 2011 and since have won three straight years. I never really plan to do this month-long frenzy. I tend to decide the last week if I am going to do it.

This year is a bit different. The first six days of the month will be hectic with events where my writing is concern. Normally by day 15 I am done NaNo and I can breathe but this time around that won’t be the case.

I still have my three books I wrote for NaNo needing edits. In fact I am working on the one from 2013 which is entitled “Lost Faith” which is slowing me down. So I asked myself, “Do I really need to write another novel just so I can toss it on a stack of books that need to be edited?”

I’m not sure. The draw of NaNo once you do it is addicting. For me to attempt it and not win is not a thought that enters my brain, I do it to win. Plain and simple. What I did was list 50 topics for 50 possible chapters for a new book that I plan on writing when time permits. I will decide by Wednesday or Thursday if I will enter. Good luck to those who enter.